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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week

Demi Lovato in, "Giiirrrl make better decisions."

Demi Lovato in, “Giiirrrl make better decisions.”

Can we please discuss what’s going on with Demi Lovato? Because clearly, something’s going on. I’m getting a very distinct Demi Moore circa Striptease look right here, and I don’t know why one would aim for that. So again, I ask, WTF is going on here?

It’s been about a week, so I’ll remind you that THIS IS HOW WE DO IT here at Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! You go through the celebrity outfits and make your choices for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF outfit of the week. Good news: there are no wrong answers!! Better news: there are some pretty damn weird outfits this week!



Lindsay Lohan

Side note: my boyfriend saw this photo and said, “That’s Lindsay Lohan?” He’s not a celeb gossip junkie so it had been a while since he’d seen Miss Lohan. But he wasn’t being mean — he was honestly just shocked. Anyway, this is about the outfit and hair, right? It’s fine. The belt seems kinda tacky in a Forever 21 way, like in a “Oh, I’m about to check out, and this belt is by the register and is on sale, f-ck it,” kind of way. But yeah, Lohan, get it together.

Alexa Chung

Sorry I don’t have a full body shot of this dress on Alexa Chung, but I have a full body shot of their bodies — that’s gotta count for something, right? So what do we think of this dress: Avant-garde or Avant-ugh?


Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm. Oh, how I miss him on Sunday nights. The suit is very dapper, yes — but why does he look so goddamn pissed off? I guess you could say he’s a…mad man. YYYYYEEEEEAAAAHH!



Amber Heard: I mean, let’s be honest: love her, or hate her, the girl is gorgeous. I love the slit and the polka dots. The shoes seem a bit jarring, but I wouldn’t kick her out of my bar.



Sandra Bullock. Ugh, she’s wearing MINION SHOES. LET THE MINIONS DIE, PLEASE. PLEASE.


evangeline lilly

So Evangeline Lily is pregnant and radiant and etc, but why are there such a lack of great maternity gowns for celebrities? Like, this looks like a damn termite tent, and it has nothing to do with her shape.



Nicki Minaj. Y’all know I prefer Nicki when she tones down the crazy-ass kabuki makeup, so props there. But that weird big ass zipper? Da f-ck?



Rebel Wilson. LOVE this color and cut on her. But the hair and makeup totally washes her out.



Jane Krakowski. I wish the best for Jane Krakowski, I really do. But I feel like she always picks the worst possible dresses. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not terrible. It’s just not great, and she’s got a killer bod. What gives?


Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie. Okay, look, I’m not the goddamn body police, but come on. Is this woman okay? Aside from that, it looks like she’s wearing something Betty Draper would wear to bed, alone.



Guys, I love me some Judy Greer — she’s talented as f-ck. That being said, she’s gotta get a new stylist, ASAP. This dress is just fug. I’m sorry I don’t have better words to describe this grape juice stained mess.


Hilary Swank

Here’s another boring outfit on boring Hilary Swank. What? I don’t give a f-ck, call the cops.



I try not to drink the Jennifer Lawrence Kool-Aid, but I can’t deny, bitch is gorgeous. White is good on her.


Holly Madison

Holly Madison reminds me of a poor man’s Dita Von Teese: it gets the job done, but it feels like a rip off. Still, super cute retro syle, and congrats on her success (?).



Jena Malone. I mean, let’s be real — this girl is a wonderful hot buttered nostalgic mess.



BEST: Jon Hamm
WORST: Jena Malone
WTF: Demi Lovato


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  • I’m so glad you went there with the Demi Moore reference….I was thinking the same thing. What on earth??? That is some unholy union of a bikini top that does her no favors, shorts that look like they will cause a yeast infection and…what are those, sandals? Boots? Bandals? It’s just so much NOPE.

    Jennifer Lawrence looks incredible. I think she does the “I make whacky faces to show how normal I am” shtick too much but can’t disagree with the fact that she looks incredible.

    Rebel Wilson…girl, I’m sure you’re a nice person, but you ALWAYS look like hell. Everyone knows it’s hard to fit women who are fat…the clothes out there are just not flattering for large women, so get someone who specializes in it and / or go to a tailor. Melissa McCarthy did and now look at her…she’s stunning.

    Lindsay Lohan looks fabulous for being 44 years old, don’t hate.

    I don’t know who Jena Malone is, but initially I thought it was Alicia Silverstone.

  • worst and wtf are both Demi Lovato maybe not masquerading as a crack ho Wilmer Valderrama is sending out to stroll.
    Hammaconda is best dressed.

  • best: Sandra Bullock (that yellow stripe on the dress to match the yellow of the shoes–someone did something right here, I think!)

    worst: Nicole Richie (that outfit reminds me of the 1970s)

    wft: has to be Demi Lovato; is she trying to be Demi Moore? Sorry kid, Ashton is taken!

    side note: Lindsay Lohan looks like someone going to Church for a ceremony (the shoes, the dress, the headband), but regardless she looks like someone who has climbed herself out of addiction, done her community hours and gotten her life in order (we do not hear much of her lately). I say she looks lovely and she is trying.

  • PS yeah for the USO signs on the 4th of July. Go Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. Happy Birthday United States!!!

  • Typical brainless comment, here, about Sandra’s shoes. In case you weren’t aware, she wore that outfit to the premiere of the Minions movie. If that wasn’t good enough for you, 10 pairs, all signed by Bullock, are being auctioned on Proceeds will benefit Art + Practice, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit supporting foster youth. I think you owe her an apology.

    • Oh dude, I was totally aware she was wearing Minion shoes because she was at the Minons premiere. I did not, however, know that they were being auctioned off for a good cause. So I guess I can’t hate TOO badly. But come on, don’t you find those Minions as annoying as all hell, regardless of intentions? xoxo.