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Enrique Iglesias Arrested For Driving With A Suspended License

enrique iglesias

The last time we heard from Enrique Iglesias, he was getting chopped up by a drone while performing a concert in Mexico. He seems to have healed up pretty well, however, since he got arrested in Miami in May (and yes, we’re just hearing about it) for trying to pull a fast one on a cop while out driving.

From TMZ:

Enrique Iglesias got busted trying to slip out of the driver’s seat of his ride when cops pulled him over recently — possibly because he knew he had a suspended license … just a guess.

According to Miami police, Iglesias was driving a white Cadillac Escalade back in May when cops pulled him over for driving in a closed off express lane. That’s when his Houdini act began — police say Enrique hopped into the back seat while his passenger slid into the driver’s seat.

The magic act bombed … with cops, anyway.

Enrique and the passenger, his tour manager, both got arrested … and both have pled not guilty to obstruction. Enrique also pled not guilty to driving with a suspended license.

Why are people so dumb? Literally, if his manager was with him, why didn’t the manager just drive? (Unless the manager’s license was also suspended, in which case, what is wrong with these people?) Trying to switch seats while a cop is right in front of you is doubly dumb, so he deserves whatever fine befalls him.

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