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Being Britney Spears Is An Expensive Job

britney spears

You’ve got to hand it to Britney Spears. She managed to turn a modicum of talent and personality (that’s not shade – most of us aren’t fascinating) in to millions and millions of dollars. How many millions? Well, according to a new financial report, Brit’s worth an insane $45,982,505.75. Yes, that’s about $46 million. Whaaaat?

Of course, having all that money doesn’t really mean anything when it costs so much simply to keep up the whole charade of being Britney Spears: Entertainer. So exactly how much does she spend on random shit in a given year? Prepare to weep into your empty checking account, because it’s nuts. Here are some figures from 2014:

  • $49,383.35 on wardrobe
  • $19,791.69 on makeup & hair
  • $10,000 on Halloween & Christmas decorations
  • $24,720.95 on pet care

What is this world? $25,000 on pet care! How is that even possible?! Is she running a private zoo?! (Well, no, but apparently it did include 12 vet visits, leading me to ask: What the hell is she doing to her poor dogs?) Brit made $14 million in 2014 alone, so this isn’t really a big chunk of her fortune, but I’m sure at least $2-3 million of it had to go to agents, lawyers, accountants, etc.

Ugh, so much money.

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  • In September 2014, an article on’s homepage created a lot of confusion by stating that according to court documents “Spears has a net worth of slightly more than $41 million, almost $7 million in cash and the rest in real estate.” Unfortunately, what this article failed to mention is that $41 million is just the value of the assets under conservatorship with her father. Roughly five and a half years ago, a chunk of Britney’s current and future finances were placed in a trust that is controlled by her father. This happened back when Britney was in the midst of a major public head-shaving meltdown in order to preserve at least a some of her wealth going forward. What the Yahoo article leaves out (or does not know) is that $41 million is just the value of that conservatorship that was created in 2007. According to TMZ, in August 2013 the conservatorship was worth $36.1 million. So it has increased $5 million in the last year. Also according to documents obtained by TMZ, the conservatorship does not include at $80 – $100 million worth of other assets that Britney owns/controls. Hence our $150 million net worth estimate above.

  • I was going to say how the hell did she spend all that when daddy holds the check book? I call BS