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Kanye West Isn’t A ‘Frozen’ Fan, I Guess

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North West got to celebrate her birthday at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. It was a real party, and she even got to see the live singalong show based on her favourite movie, Frozen. Awesome, right? Well, not to Kanye West, apparently, because he slept through the whole thing and got called out by the cast on social media for his rudeness afterwards. Uh oh!

From TMZ:

A Disney employee noticed him, umm … resting his eyes, and later said on FB and Twitter … “when you perform for the Kardashian family for North’s birthday…and Kanye sleeps through the whole show.”

Our park sources tell us the employee was the woman who played Elsa. We’re also told Kanye passed out for the entire performance, which is only 25 minutes. So, kinda perfect time for a nap.

I’m sure Kanye isn’t the first father to ever fall asleep in a Disney show, but when you’re famous and it’s your kid’s birthday and literally, it’s only 30 minutes, you’re THAT tired that you have to fall asleep? Give me a break. That being said, I bet you that employee gets fired now, so not necessarily a good look to air someone out on Twitter.

I’m sure Nori had a good time, though!

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  • Frozen is Kimbo’s main description, you there he calls.., snaps finger.. anyone there..? Wiffs a dollar in front of her face.. after she blinks in a startled way.. Put down that damn phone .. no more selfishess.. and.. Please shut up.. that shrieking nasal voice and DONT UGLY CRY or I will leave again and stay in Paris without you for a month!..

    He’s imagining recreating this song with his style but entirely different not the same for he invented it first now.. you know…