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Channing Tatum Twerks At LA Gay Pride, Because Why Not?

channing tatum

This past weekend was the Gay Pride celebrations in Los Angeles, and everyone came out to have some fun and celebrate sexuality, including Channing Tatum – who is, for the record, straight and in a hetereosexual marriage. That doesn’t matter, of course – allies are welcome at the festivities, especially when it’s a Magic Mike cast member who’s out to do some twerking. That is indeed what happened, and with Matt Bomer at his side, things got pretty real.

I won’t spoil this too much for you – just watch the videos of the Magic Mike floats in the parade and enjoy.

Happy Pride LA???? Changing Tatum ???? #magicmikexxl #chaningtatum #westhollywood #lapride2015

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  • Channing Tatum just keeps getting cooler and cooler. I remember thinking he was just a typical hollywood hunk… Now he’s doing some really good work with some really critically acclaimed filmmakers. Plus this! Keep it up, Channing!