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Katy Perry Enlists John Mayer To Seek Revenge Against Taylor Swift

katy perry john mayer

We all know that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have had some seriously “bad blood” for a while now (see what I did there?) but it seems Katy might be ready to kick their feud up another notch by enlisting boyfriend John Mayer – who just so happens to be Taylor’s ex – in her revenge plot.

From Hollywood Life:

“Katy thinks revenge is a dish best served cold. She’s even more determined to show people what she calls ‘the real Taylor’, she’s writing some big, anthemic-type songs that’ll feature dirt on Taylor that John’s told her from when they used to date,” a friend of Katy’s told HEAT.

Wow, this feud is getting pretty intense! Is it wrong of us to say we’re slightly excited to hear this revenge song? What kind of dirt does John have on Taylor?! We need to know!

As for Katy’s absence at the Billboards, her friend said “John convinced her it was a bad idea. Katy realized she couldn’t stand the idea of the cameras being on her face as she had to watch Taylor win every award with all her friends applauding her.”

I’m going to go ahead and call BS on this story, if only because I’d hate to think that a 31-year-old woman has nothing better to do than enlist her boyfriend to try to get back at her ex-friend via song. I mean, I know Taylor wrote ‘Bad Blood’, but I know homegirl is immature. It just needs to end now. Move on, ladies. (Then again, I would SO listen to it. You know it’d be a hit!)

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