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Bruce Jenner Reveals Caitlyn On ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover

bruce jenner

UPDATE: It seems Kaitlyn wasn’t too far off. It’s with a C, and here’s the first look at that Vanity Fair shoot we were all curious about:

Ever since Bruce Jenner confirmed last month that he’s indeed transgender and plans to transition to the female gender, tabloids have been desperate to get the first “scoop” on his new life. In Touch Weekly is the first to actually go there like the tasteless rag they are, claiming to know Bruce’s “female name”.

According to their trusty “sources”, Bruce will soon be known as Kaitlyn. They also claim that most members of Bruce’s family are already using this name, he just hasn’t gone public with it yet.

I’m willing to bet all of that is bullshit, and I think people should respect Bruce enough to take things only when they come from his own mouth. He’ll perhaps talk about these things in his upcoming Vanity Fair feature, but until then, just let her live!

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