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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Are Still Going Strong

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I don’t know why I care at all since I don’t know these people, but Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris as a couple really bother me. Maybe it’s because I see Taylor as a pretty genuine, albeit naive, person, and I see Calvin has an insecure, desperate DJ who’s only using her to pump his career up a little more. I could be completely off the mark and he could genuinely like her, but… eh, I just don’t see it. Particularly since he was talking shit about her a few weeks before they got together. Anyway, I guess they seem “happy” for now?

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were spotted having dinner at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, California, on Tuesday evening.

“They were very close together, leaning in to speak to each other and laughing a lot,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

“Taylor looked gorgeous. It was a very sexy but classy look,” said the witness. “She was glowing, she seemed incredibly happy but also very at ease with Calvin.”

“They were dressed up and enjoying themselves, talking and laughing the entire time,” said the source.

Yikes. I can’t wait until this breakup – just think of how many amazing hit singles we’re gonna have on our hands! It’s gonna be so messy and the music is gonna be top notch.

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  • Lately your blog has been lacking in regards to sources. If youre referring to the tindr video, he mentioned she “looks lovely” but was “the opposite of his type”. Hardly shade. This was also back in Nov 2014 and he was dating someone at the time.

  • I hope TayTay disinfected him before she started dating him since his previous “girlfriend” Rita Whora sleeps with pretty much the entire music industry. In fact, he kicked her to the curb when somebody woke him up about this.