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Kylie Jenner Swears She Wasn’t High, Just Hungry

kylie jenner high

If your bullshit alarm wasn’t blaring loud enough to wake up the entire neighbourhood after just reading the headline, congratulations: you’ve managed to continue living under a rock. Kylie Jenner posted a video on her Snapchat account this week in which she pretty clearly says that she’s “high as fuck” before biting into some delicious morsels. But since everyone is losing their shit and acting like Kylie smoking weed is the craziest, most scandalous thing they’d ever heard in their lives, she’s since come out and claimed she wasn’t high at all, just hungry!

Sure, maybe she WAS saying her chicken was good as fuck, but uh… that doesn’t preclude Kylie from smoking herself. I just don’t buy it. Also, weed is basically like cigs now in terms of outrage factor – so why she feels the need to go on damage control over something so dumb rather than just being like, “Yeah, son, I was BLAZING!”

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  • We all know the KTrash never do drugs, so its impossible for Kylie to have been high as fuck unless she inhaled second hand smoke from Tyga. Because everyone around KTrash does do drugs, they don’t ever.