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The Met Gala Brought Out Some Strange Fashion – PHOTOS

sarah jessica parker

Last night was the annual event we all look forward to more than any other for its sheer ridiculousness: The Met Gala. This year’s theme for the Costume Institute Benefit Gala was ‘China: Through The Looking Glass’, and the results were… mixed. Some people totally got into the obscene gaudiness of it all, as you can tell with our good old friend Sarah Jessica Parker above. She truly embraced the spirit of the Met Gala, so we have to applaud her for that… even if her ensemble is God awful. Worse than Rihanna‘s? That’s debatable.

rihanna met gala 2015

The fashion was worth examining more closely, either way.  It should go without saying that behind the cut, things get SUPER image heavy, so if you’re on a slow connection (does that even exist anymore?), proceed with caution.

rihanna 2

Here’s RiRi’s dress from the back. She’s already subject to a shit ton of memes, since she basically looks like a walking omelette. Mmm, omelettes. The yellow was a seriously brave choice, but this whole thing just screams “MESS” to me.

beyonce met gala

Beyonce was another big attention-getter, since she basically got more naked than anyone has ever dared to do at the gala. I mean, you can’t say the woman hasn’t got an incredible body, so any haterade sipped here would be completely unjust (and based on pure envy). She looks good. At the same time, I’ve kinda reached oversaturation with Bey again. She needs to go away for a while.

solange met gala

Then there’s Solange. I know she’s a bit out there, but I always love her fashion choices and think she is REALLY good at picking things that suit her – she knows her body and her style well. I liked this!

zendaya met gala

I don’t know what Zendaya‘s inspiration for this dress was, but I really like it because it’s so completely different. I’d never wear it myself, but it looks fantastic on her. I’m not really into the sun designs, but I think Zendaya herself looks beautiful.

alison brie

Alison Brie‘s dress was bland as shit, but THAT COLOUR. I love love love purple and it doesn’t get worn enough. It really suits her paler skin. More love for purple, please! Also, please stop wearing long sleeves in 70+ degree weather. It was REALLY warm in NYC yesterday and homegirl had to be sweating.

cara delevingne met gala

What in the LA Ink hell was Cara Delevingne thinking with this nonsense? I don’t mind that she went the unconventional route in wearing a pant… suit thing, but did it have to be so hideous? And the fake body art? I don’t get it and I certainly don’t like it.

chloe moretz met gala

I feel like Chloe Moretz picked this dress off the sale rack from Target for $9.99, and that is NOT a compliment. Also, are chokers back in? This whole outfit is a mess from head to toe, including the purse with her name on it. It’s like a 6th grade school dance back in 1997. I’m so confused!

kim kardashian kanye west met gala

If Kim Kardashian sucked in any harder, she’d probably turn herself inside out. Also, isn’t this basically the dress Beyonce wore a few years ago? Change it up, Kim. Also, the fringe on Kanye… no.

kris jenner met gala

Elvis lives! I don’t know if Kris Jenner was channeling the King (and Elvira) for the night or what, but this is 50 shades of Fuck No to me. The plastic surgery has gone way, way too far, the hair is horrendous, the dress is awful. BYE.

janelle monae

Janelle Monae stuck to her black & white palette, but oh man, did she look beautiful. I love absolutely everything about this – the Asian inspiration, the sleek lines, the hair… SO GOOD. Definitely one of the best of the night.

katy perry met gala

What’s going on with Katy Perry lately – does anyone know? I’m assuming the dress is Moschino, given the graffiti, and the spraypaint purse? It’s awful. So’s the wig. TERRIBLE.

selena gomez met gala

Oh, Selena Gomez. I get what she was TRYING to go for – simple, elegant beauty, and she ALMOST gets there. The dress is boring, but not offensive. The hairpiece is ugly, but… forgivable, I suppose. There’s just something missing from this whole thing, and I can’t really put my finger on what.

lady gaga met gala

Lady Gaga turned up with Alexander Wang, and I have to say… she obviously got into the theme of the evening far more than some others. But this isn’t anything new or creative for Gaga – this is how she dresses to leave her apartment on a daily basis, so I’m not really moved by this.

There are a shit ton more pictures, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll throw them in a gallery format so you can scroll through at will.

Who was your best dressed of the night? How about the worst?

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  • Rhianna looks awful, Beyonce and Kim K. look like they just got off the main floor at Vegas, Selena G. looks like she’s ready to walk down the aisle and everyone else looks like they didn’t get it or they didn’t want it. It’s pretty grim when you can honestly say Lady GaGa looks the best.

  • Your comments are unfortunate.
    Lady Gaga did NOT get the theme right. If you’ve looked elsewhere too, you would see comments that her outfit is more reminiscent of a kimono (Japanese) or even hanbok (Korean).

    While people may hate on Rhianna’s dress looking like an omelette or pizza, it was one of the only outfits by an actual CHINESE designer. Guo Pei who actually had pieces shown at the Met for the gala. The only other chinese designers represented were Vera Wang and Alexander Wang, both Chinese-American.

    Your comments of “Asian inspiration” further group all Asians together and lose the actual point of the theme which was focusing on China. Unfortunate.