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Walking Dead Star Completely Loses It On The Subway


Ahhh, celebrity meltdowns. Where would we be without them? Our latest celebrity rant/meltdown comes from Chad L. Coleman, of The Walking Dead, and The Wire, and if you didn’t know him previously, you better know him now. Mr. Coleman was ranting on a New York City subway and sounded totally out of his f-cking mind, though he tells TMZ that he was not drunk. He’s pacing the subway car, shouting in a very hoarse voice, “YES, I’M CHAD L. COLEMAN, ON THE WALKING DEAD AND THE WIRE!” Why? From TMZ:

We spoke with Coleman, who told us he heard a guy and a girl on the train talking, trying to figure out where they knew him. He says the guy told the girl, “No, we don’t know that n*****,” and that set him off.

As for the screams about humanity, he says he was referencing the problems in Baltimore.

The video is kind of shocking, solely because of how insane he appears. Watch below:

I mean, something’s going on here. This is blind rage. If he’s not drunk, something else has to be going on. Yet, he seems fairly coherent, because when the guy filming speaks up and says, “I love The Wire“, Coleman says a polite, “Thank you.”

I don’t know what’s going on. I guess a couple of total assholes on the subway really got to him. Poor Tyreese.

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  • I used to see that all the time when I was in NYC usually homeless drug addicts who smelled. People would leave that side of the car or go to another when the doors used to be unlocked. However one time there was this white guy who started screaming at a black woman sitting right by me– calling her a f’n n-word and no f’n good, etc. I screamed at him to sit down and STFU. He said make me, so I got up and knocked him on his ass! People in the car clapped and she hugged and thanked me. I said to her I’m sorry.
    At the next stop we were both taken off the train by cops who came on the train to get us, and I guess I sobered him up because he told me I had a really good punch. I ignored him and the cops put us on the next train into Borough Hall in different cars after talking to us. (They knew what had happened how I don’t know). Only in NYC.