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Bobby Flay (Sorta) Denies Cheating On Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Stephanie March

bobby flay stephanie march

Last week, celebrity chef and noted ginger dickhead Bobby Flay announced that he and wife and Law & Order: SVU actress Stephanie March had separated and planned to divorce. The cause of that divorce was never made public, unsurprisingly, but there have been plenty of reports that Flay’s inability to keep it in his pants was a major cause. In fact, according to Page Six, he’d actually been carrying on a three year affair with his assistant Elyse Tirrell. His response? Well, he’s not going to respond!

Flay’s rep tells PEOPLE: “We will continue to refrain from responding to the continued efforts by certain parties to spread rumors and innuendo.”

“This specific allegation was in a letter sent from one attorney in this case to the other,” the rep continued. “It was written and then leaked specifically to try to insert this story into the press, and that’s unfortunate. Even more unfortunate is that all of this is being done in order to renegotiate a pre-nuptial agreement that was agreed to over a decade ago and never amended during the marriage.”

Uh, I’m gonna go ahead and say this is true. Flay is noted for being an absolute P.O.S. and this isn’t the first story of this kind that’s been out there. I also don’t really think he’s that great of a chef, though Bar Americain is pretty nice.

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