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OK Magazine apologizes for claiming Katy Perry is pregnant

katy perry

Celebrity magazines are always making shit up – it’s par for the course. The issue is now, in 2015, they’re getting called out on it by the stars themselves and are starting to be backed into corners and are having to apologize and retract their bullshit publicly. Just last month, US Weekly was forced to issue a statement over quotes they completely made up out of thin air that were supposedly from Kendall Jenner. Now, it’s OK Magazine groveling after they falsely claimed that Katy Perry is pregnant and planning to get married. Like, WHAT?

OK Magazine Katy Perry

Katy Perry US Magazine

Yikes. Katy herself even felt the need to humiliate them further by speaking out on her own Twitter page:

Ooh, get ’em, KP. I can’t even believe OK was that desperate and stupid to think they were going to pass that story off as real. So ridiculous.

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  • Its one thing for schlocky pubs like OK to make stuff up but for US which has been pretty reputable and run by professionals over the years to do it is different. OK should be trying to emulate a mag like US instead US is trying to emulate their fake sensationalism. They should be competing with People Mag for readers not OK and InTouch etc.