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Chelsea Handler says Bill Cosby tried his sexual assault moves on her

chelsea handler

Bill Cosby is basically a known rapist now. Don’t give me the whole “innocent until proven guilty” lark – sure, in a court of law, that’s the case. But I don’t believe that dozens of women – including many famous women who have zero reason to make shit up – have conspired just to take an old man down. Sorry, not buying it. And now Chelsea Handler has added her voice to the chorus, revealing that about a decade ago, Bill nearly tried his drugging routine on her and thankfully she escaped.

From Esquire:

‘I was in Atlantic City playing, doing stand-up, and he was doing stand-up in Atlantic City in the same hotel, and at like three o’clock in the afternoon, someone from the hotel came down and said, “Oh, you know, Mr. Cosby would really like to meet you up in his hotel suite.” And I thought, That’s really weird. This was like ten years ago. And I said, That’s really weird. I don’t want to go alone. I go, I don’t know him. So the three guys I was with—thank God these guys were with me. One was filming and one was like a producer; we were filming something—I brought them up with me to his room and thank God I did, because now I know what would’ve happened if I went up there alone. And I forgot about it when all the stories about Bill Cosby came out. I was like, I didn’t even think of it. Then my friend texted me the other day saying, “Do you remember that night we went up to, or that afternoon we went up to Bill Cosby’s and you were so freaked out you made us come with you?” And I said, Yeah, and he said, “Hello! You could’ve been one of his victims if we weren’t there.” And I went, “Oh my gosh …” Yeah, so yeah, he’s guilty.’

Why am I not surprised to hear this? Of course, Chelsea managed to avoid a potentially disastrous situation, which is great, but somehow I imagine we’ll be hearing more and more of these stories year after year. Of course, nothing will ever become of it since apparently it’s not worth prosecuting him over, but these women need to tell their stories and the truth about Cosby needs to be known.

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  • Chelsea didn’t even think about it simply because it never happened. Way to try to stay in the public eye Chelsea. I believe most of his accusers but not her.

    • I’m with you, but I have an addition to the fame-ho club. She’s the one who started it, after all, and that is Janice Dickinson.

  • Agree with Brooklyn. The man might be a vile sexual predator and it’s sure looking that way, but in this case there’s no proof AT ALL he planned to do anything. She always seems desperate for attention, this is just the latest attempt. It’s making wild assumptions about someone’s intentions from something that never happened.

  • I would believe just about anything about anyone, except that there is no way Chelsea Handler has said “oh my gosh” ever in her life. I bet she was a profane toddler even. She seems to be on a publicity tour right now?

  • Until he is convicted of a crime in the court of law he has the right of an innocent man and for people to pass judgement on him is stupid ok let look at the facts people . One has he been arrested , has the DEA announced an arrests warrant for him no. Two if he did what these women say are true why did all of them waited over several decades too say something I tell u why cause if there was a criminal case it would have shown them to all lies . Now lets get to fact three behind all of this bill Cosby is a very rich and very old man who I believe got bulleyes on his back in the shape of a dollar sign and these women is looking for away to get money from this man

    • And yet not a single one of them have asked for money, and several of these women are famous with PLENTY of money of their own. Your argument doesn’t hold water. Sorry, bro.

    • Personally, I was most struck by all of these women having very similar or exactly the same stories, that’s really difficult to do a hundred or so times over. But sure, they’re probably all after his money and he’s not even the least bit rapey.