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Sarah Jessica Parker is not here for Tom Hanks

tom hanks sarah jessica parker

Tom Hanks seems to be on a Charm World Tour lately, since he’s turning up on all the talk shows lately trying to prove that he’s still a Totally Cool Guy. Sure, Tom thanks Tom is awesome, but does anyone else? Perhaps, but I know one person who doesn’t, and that’s Sarah Jessica Parker.

It’s unclear what Tom was going on about at Madison Square Garden earlier this week, but what is 100% crystal clear is that SJP was not feeling it. She gives him the most stank ass look you could possibly imagine and I absolutely love it. There’s nothing else to this story, but I just want you to take a moment to bask in this glory:

What do you think Tom was talking about?

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  • It looks like she’s reading something on her phone, she brings her left hand down, and it’s holding something.

  • They were at a hockey game she was rooting for the Rangers. Hanks and his, son being from LA, were rooting for Lost Angeles (typo and it stays) and must have said something about them she disagreed with.

  • He was probably talking about how some people look like cows when they chew gum with their mouths open.