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Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol are still going strong

britney spears charlie ebersol

Britney Spears and boyfriend Charlie Ebersol have been together for a few months now, and things are going well! They’re having hot sex all the time, he seems to like her kids and BritBrit is happy. What more can you ask for? Now Britney has opened up about the relationship for the first time in a cover feature for People, as you do.

When Britney Spears’s assistant first showed the singer a photo of her single friend, producer Charlie Ebersol, the superstar was immediately intrigued.

“I thought he was really adorable and she said he was good to people, so I went for it,” Spears tells PEOPLE in this week’s exclusive cover story.

Given the green light, Ebersol, 32, asked Spears, 33, what she’d like to do for their first date. “I said, ‘Cook for me!’ ” she says. “So he made fish, mushrooms, avocado with a dressing, and tomatoes and mozzarella. It was amazing.”

Charlie has kept up the romance lark this entire 6 months, and on her birthday they even made… waffles (???) on the floor.

“For my birthday, we made waffles on the floor, with candles, and he bought me a real beautiful cake and a beautiful gift that I have on the wall,” she says. “One of my favorite songs is ‘Thank U,’ by Alanis Morissette, and he put all the words to the song in a long frame. It was really thoughtful.”

Um, WHAT? ‘Thank U’ is one of her favourite songs? Hahahaha. I don’t even know why that cracks me up, but it totally does. Oh, BritBrit. Never change.

PS – Why does she look Photoshopped into that header image???

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  • Britney looks great! I see life in those eyes for once!

    I swear to all that is holy, I am not one of those people that think all handsome / pretty men are gay, although I’ve referenced it three times in the past two days. I SWEAR. Not one. Honest. BUT. His facial expressions (as a very funny friend of mine would say) make my gaydar shriek so loudly that I have to take the battery out every.time I see him.

  • Good for her and him.. sorta lost friendless souls that really like each other.. still you can’t trust them entirely.. they might end up having a happily ever after all.

  • Even though I don’t care for her music that much, I’m glad to see how much better Britney is doing. She looks happy and healthy and pretty here. Hopefully it stays that way.