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Kylie Jenner on how she’s changed: ‘I gained 15 pounds’

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner looks pretty much nothing like she looked a mere 9 months or so ago. In fact, now she’s just a carbon copy of big sister Kim with the possible butt implants to match. But if you were to ask Kylie how she’s changed during this past year, well, she’s only put on a little bit of weight.

She shared the below photo on Instagram this week with the caption “throwback to when I was 15 pounds skinnier & had a little blonde goin on”. Now, let’s all look at this photo and then back at the photo above. More has changed than her weight (which, btw, I think she looks better for now).

kylie jenner old


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  • Does anyone realize she is a teen going into adulthood? I question society on the reference to the “girl” growing up with a little weight gain….She is stunning and just seems to be getting better….. I am far from rich, or pretty and the chances of ever being any of the things that she is are logically far removed from me…… Does anyone ever stop to consider how hard it must be to be “her” or any of them for that matter? Would you really want that to be your life? I salute her growing up and being beautiful in doing so…… YOU GO GIRL

    • +1 I think it is gross that her body and looks are already up for discussion like this. 17 is 17, and I don’t give a shit how “mature for her age” she looks or acts. We need to protect our teenage girls, especially if their own family won’t.