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Kylie Jenner isn’t trying to be a role model

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner is a lot of things. She’s young, she’s rich, she’s potentially the victim of statutory rape, she’s clearly a lover of plastic surgery like the rest of her family… I could go on and on. One thing she’s not? A role model. No one would ever confuse her with one, so it’s no surprise that she’s not interested in being one. Fair enough.

Here’s what she told Fault Magazine (via Refinery29):

“Having a reality TV show, everyone feels like they know you.”

“People are going to judge you no matter what you do,” Jenner told the magazine. “I definitely always feel pressure to act a certain way, but I try my best not to let it affect me.” Being a role model doesn’t interest the youngest Jenner. She understands the world is watching, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to screw up. Jenner admits she “never [feels] pressure to be a good role model. I always try to do my best to inspire people to be good and do the right thing, but I just can’t live my life always trying to be a good role model.”

“We’re all human,” Jenner adds. “I just like to live each day and just be me and be real.” That’s the motto.

It’s hilarious to me that anyone in the Kardashian/Jenner family can use the phrase “be real” without collapsing into laughter like I do when reading it. I so remember being 17 and thinking I was IT, though. Like I had it all together and all other 17-year-olds weren’t shit and I had it all figured out, so I’m not going to fault her for being a dumb kid. We’ve all been there. But like… it’s so hilarious to me, now that I have the wonderful gift of hindsight, when teenagers take themselves so seriously. Like, girl… read this interview back in 15 years and you will CRINGE.

But yeah, parents, please keep your kids from idolizing people like Kylie Jenner. It’s extremely important.

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  • She’s kinda young for that type of responsibility and she hasn’t had a role model in her life to teach her what’s wrong or right in any case. So how could she be one herself?

  • You seem a lot less mature than Kylie, based on this article. To me, it seems she’s not defending herself, but rather stating that she is human and she’s here to be free. To be herself. Even if your age increases by number, if you’re maturity remains at the same level at which it was at 17 ~ is that true change ? Human maturity ? Development & growth in a positive direction ?

    If you whole~heartedly enjoy writing about famous human beings, in this sort of fashion, by all means, do it. You’re here to follow you heart. If not, stop wasting Internet space, & putting other human beings down. We don’t like it.

  • it’s just a matter of turning 18…then the “leaked” sex tape comes in 3…2…1