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Amanda Bynes conservatorship extended

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes seems to be doing a bit better these days than the last time we checked in with her, but she’s still not out of the woods (and it’s unclear if she ever really will be). With that in mind, a judge in California ruled on Tuesday to extend the conservatorship over what’s left of her fortune until at least June 23, when another hearing will be held on the matter. Oh, and those DUI charges she was facing have also been dropped.

Her parents have control over her finances and medical needs for now, and while it seems like Amanda’s relationship with them has been less than stellar in the past, it has tended to improve when she’s getting proper mental health care.

From People:

“Amanda is doing much better from where she was months ago,” says a family source. “She has her own apartment and is much happier. She and her parents are getting along and Amanda is clear-headed, more focused and has more independence.”

For some reason, I find myself rooting for Amanda and always hoping that this time she gets better will be the one that sticks. Of course, with her level of mental illness, it will be a lifelong battle, but I also think that with proper support and guidance (and medication), she can manage to put together some semblance of a functional life. But she NEEDS to stay out of the spotlight. Hollywood is enough to make even the sanest person crazy, so for someone with real mental health issues, it can be downright fatal.

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