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Why won’t Miley Cyrus do a country album?

miley cyrus

I know I’m late on the uptake here, but I’m a busy lady so I only watched the SNL 40 special yesterday on Hulu+ (newsflash: it kinda sucked). The best thing about the show was Miley Cyrus – a sentence I never thought I’d utter – and her performance of ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’.

This performance was really, REALLY good. In fact, it’s way better than any of her other shit from the last album, or anything before that, either. It’s mature, it’s unique, it’s… actually impressive. Why won’t she make a whole country album with a slight pop tinge like this? Why, Miley?

What did you guys think of the performance (and the SNL special in general)? I mean, sure, it relived some of the funniest moments, but it felt SO overcrowded, rushed and forced. I wasn’t really into it.

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  • I thought she sang that well. Her voice is husky, probably from all that pakalolo and cigs and, well, other things. She’d do great country stuff. She does have a great voice. She’d do great at Karaoke in these here parts.

  • She probably wants her singing career to be separated from her fathers singing career plus there’s more money and fame in pop music.

  • She really does have a great voice! I just hate how her personal life and her ridiculous antics overshadow her talent.

    However, that outfit was hideous. She was dressed like a weird senior citizen that had a Boca-Raton / Vegas / Wild West vibe about her. Not cute.

  • wow. i can’t stand her, but that was awesome. too bad she is pointing her career in a whole different direction than that perfomance because that’s where her talents lie. doing the shit she is doing now makes it difficult to like her or take her seriously and she IS talented. how sad.

  • You know, not knowing the song, we would all agree she did a great job. However, knowing this amazing classic; she kind of demolished it haha.

    • Tell it to it’s creator, Simon picked her to sing it, because he loved it, Chloe.

      As an aside, I never get the hang wringing or disdain directed at her “antics.” Madonna had already posed in Playboy by her age, & shortly after, made a sex book with her getting intimate with a Coke bottle, lol.

  • Well She’s got an awsome Country Album on Youtube with Country Versions from 1-4, and also some really good ones such as American, Goods Monsters, Radio, Bel Air, Without You Feat. Katty Perry, (which is also country), Carmen, This Is What Make Us Girls, a Country Version on final track called Summertime Sadness, and more. That Album is called Beating Heart and YES it’s a Country Album, for 2015. No telling when it will be out, but when it does, it’s deffently an album I would like.

  • Miley won’t make a country album because she doesn’t put in the time, which I think is redickuless. However a new song and I mean a new country song she wrote called “Right Here “surfaced online in 2016, saying it’s a new song for 2016, but the way she’s been going this year, it might come out next year in 2017. Other songs she’s made, such as her w-o-m-a-n song and funny duck song kinda sound country too. So let’s hope her sixth studio is the type of album we’ve been waiting for, a country album.