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Selena Gomez did a creepy Lolita-esque shoot for V Magazine

selena gomez v

Selena Gomez is in her early 20s, but she happens to still look a fair bit younger than that. It happens, and she’ll be happy of it later on in life. For now, she’s still owning her grown ass woman self… except not really, because in her new shoot for V Magazine, she’s made up to look about 12 years old. Oh yeah, and she’s topless. WTF?

I find this whole shoot a little creepy – what’s sexy about a pre-teen? What was the inspiration behind this feature? I just don’t get it. However, I find Selena creepy in general for a reason I can’t quite put my finger on, so who knows. A lot of people seem to think this whole thing is just bizarre, though – everyone on Twitter is going insane, as they do about pretty much everything.

selena gomez v mag 2

selena gomez v mag shoot

selena gomez V magazine

What do you think – creepy? Corny? Sexy? Meh?

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  • To me it’s not sexy or creepy. It’s a mixture of corny and pretty.
    I think it’s just her baby face with the false eyelashes that may give some people a childlike or creepy vibe. If we substituted a more mature- looking woman in these same exact photos- like maybe Lindsay Lohan, Ke$ha, or Lady Gaga, it wouldn’t come off the same way.

  • Bwhahahaha!!!! WHAT is she selling?? Who’s lining up to buy plastic flowers and bandanas and the most uncomfortable-looking diaper jorts of all time?? I don’t even care how young she looks, I’m just worried about how stupid those getups look on her. Maaaaaybe the jean jacket. Maybe