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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is already a disaster

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In case you were curious and hadn’t already seen the news, it’s not just the 50 Shades of Grey movie that’s a complete and utter mess, but also the cast and crew. Turns out, stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson can’t stand each other in real life, which translates to having zero chemistry on screen. Oh, and director Sam Taylor-Johnson and the book’s author E.L. James were at odds the entire time the thing was filming. Sounds like a real party!

Now that the press tour has started for the movie’s release, Jamie and Dakota have been put on the spot, and the seem fucking miserable about the whole affair. A perfect example of this came in the form of a new Glamour behind-the-scenes Q&A about the film, where both stars look like they’d honestly rather be anywhere else but answering fan-asked questions on an iPad floating between their two heads:

It’s bad. It’s incredibly bad. You need to head over to Defamer to look at the exhaustive list of TERRIBLE press these two have done, because it is indeed exhaustive and really ridiculous. Why anyone wants to see this shit in general is beyond me, but when you consider the stars are people who can’t stand each other or the movie they’re in, it makes it even less appealing than it already was.

Oh, and Jamie Dornan is too good for this shit. Anyone who’s watched The Fall knows that. What possessed him to do this (money?) is beyond me, but it was a very clear mistake and something tells me he realized that just a split second too late.

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  • Bad bad bad casting. Jamie claims he went home and had a long shower before he could touch his wife & kid – because he spent an evening in a dungeon? How about getting someone who – even if kink is not for them – can respect that consenting adults can make informed choices about their sexual expression. His reaction was at best silly and at worst disrespectful. Lots of people are into kink, doctors, lawyers, teachers, mailmen, housewives, and guess what? Many of them are parents too.

    This movie is going to be one epic fail.

    • Maybe he showered because he had spent the day practically naked with another woman and wanted to wash her smell off him before returning to the role of husband and father….. Don’t read so much info it

  • I literally watched 46 seconds of that interview and i couldn’t do it any longer…i tried, but i just couldn’t stomach it. Why did he make this movie? He just seems miserable and hugely regretful.

  • oh, please! the interview is just cute! they pretend to be awkward around each other. sounds like some tabloid bullshit, even if i don’t really agree with the casting.