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Kylie Jenner looks different as a blonde

kylie jenner


Everyone else in her family has posed nearly naked for LOVE Magazine, so Kylie Jenner had to get in on the action (though from this “sneak peak” shot, she’s surprisingly – and thankfully – clothed). Kylie posted the photo on her Instagram page, as you do, sporting a blonde wig and her signature overdone makeup, as per. (No shade – she doesn’t need all that, but if that’s what she likes, sure, why not?)

I’m not quite sure what to make of the blonde. And I don’t think I understand what the point of this feature is. What does Kylie Jenner do, exactly? I know we could ask the same for most people in the Kardashian family, but… I dunno, this one is extra weird.

kylie jenner love magazine

I guess it’s good that her photo shoot is mostly clothed – especially considering the fact that she’s only 17.

Where do you think Kylie Jenner will be in 5 years?

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  • She’s got Body Dysmorphia and it’s disturbing to watch this narcissists who clearly have mental and emotional issues.

  • Her look here is so 1993- trends lately are pretty 90s so I’m not reading much into it. Some teens change styles a lot experimenting. A change from her clone family must be nice.

    I expect Kylie to act out. She’s not ugly but painfully average. Even with all the surgery she wants, it doesn’t look like she will match the success of the others without their help n that must suck.

  • OK, I have only just noticed this, but now that I have I can’t unsee it… she draws her lipstick / lipliner way over her natural lip line, and it bugs me so bad! If you google pictures of her when she was younger you can see her actual lip line, but then looking at every recent photo, it is SO OBVIOUS that she is going over her natural line. It’s pissing me off so bad.