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Meghan Trainor is still broke despite ‘All About That Bass’ success

meghan trainor

It seemed pretty unanimous around these parts – you guys hate Meghan Trainor. While she’s about as exciting as a bologna sandwich on white bread with mayo and has the personality of a wet paper towel, I wouldn’t say I “hate” her so much as I’m bored shitless by her and really don’t get the draw. But some people do! ‘All About That Bass’ was at the top of the charts around the world for ages and frankly, she should have made ton of money. Not so! Apparently she’s still broke.

From The Daily Star:

It made unknown singer Meghan Trainor into a global superstar – but she still hasn’t received a penny of the profits.

In fact, skint Meghan will have to continue living off handouts from her record label until her bank balance finally gets a big boost in April. She moaned: “I haven’t made any money yet. They say I will get a big fat cheque after nine months which will be in April so I’m hoping that’s right.

“People think I must be rich but I’m not. I haven’t been able to make a big purchase yet but I’m working on it.”

Ugh, this chick is the WORST, right? Boo hoo, I’m a popstar! I want my popstar money! Why can’t I buy stuff like all the other celebs do?

Obviously entertainers deserve money for their efforts and record companies are greedy as shit, but for REAL? “handouts from her record label”? Poor unfortunate soul. HOW WILL MEGHAN TRAINOR LIVE?!

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  • with a one hit wonder i believe it…when you record, tour, anything you do, you have to pay the record companies back …then pay the manager, laywer, publicist and everyone else involved, oh, and don’t forget TAXES. Watch the TLC Story, it explains the process pretty well. Same thing happened to them and they had TONS of hits. This girl has ONE.

  • I believe it, Courtney Love wrote an article on it (I know, I know, but it’s a great read and surprisingly lucid; about 30 Seonds to Mars IIRC) on how artists and especially new artists get completely screwed by record companies, having to pay for everything. Kesha has been quoted as saying she put the $ in her name because she was on the number one song of all time with FloRida didnt have enough money to buy a taco. ALSO. Meghan Trainor is not fat. She’s totally normal sized. And the song is fun to work out to!

  • Sorry, not sorry, but I do like the girl. Her song is simply a feel good song to anyone does not like their physical selves. I have no idea what size she is (or why it matters), but I would say anything under 18 at this point is pretty “normal” Why do we feel the need to judge on physical size anymore?

  • Yeah to add to what others have said, it is a pretty common problem. Up-and-coming artists don’t see a penny of their money for ages. I mean, it’s not the worst situation she’s in but definitely it must suck to hear your song everywhere and not being able to get the money.

  • She’s from Nantucket. Most people fly on and off the island, although there is a ferry for the po’ folk. It’s one of the richest places in one of the richest states in the US. Then her family moved to Cape Cod – yet another super rich area. She might not have made much yet, but she isn’t a rags to riches story. She went to Berklee, which is like a gazillion dollars a year in tuition and she wrote songs for a bunch of big country artists, which she made money for. I’m glad for her success, but she sounds like a brat with the comments she made. She doesn’t strike me as a brat in general, but she might want to be a little less of an ingrate towards her label. The labels are taking a chance on these people. There is no guarantee they will success. It is logical that they would hedge their bets a little.

    P.S. I live outside of Boston and am quite familiar with the local area.

  • Meghan Trainor is a nice girl, very good manners. You can tell she was brought up right! Her songs send out good messages !! I do hope she is around singing a long , long time. I just love everything about her!!!!