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So, what do we think of Meghan Trainor?

meghan trainor

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll have heard of Meghan Trainor by now. If you don’t know her by name, you’ll at least know her debut single, ‘All About That Bass’, which took over the airwaves and basically is the bane of my existence. I hate that song with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. But people fucking LOVE it.

Now she has a new single out called ‘Lips Are Movin’, which she stopped by Letterman to perform acoustically this past week. I like this song a lot more, but I’m still finding Meghan hard to digest. She plays the “Tee hee, I’m so quirky and I’m not super skinny so how can boys like me? But oh, I totally don’t care if they like me ‘cos I have ~junk in da trunk~” (you know exactly what I mean here, don’t pretend you do) and it makes me want to jump out a window.

So yeah, I’m torn. The rest of the world isn’t, however – her debut album, Title, has had an AMAZING first week of sales and she doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Yikes.

What do you think of Meghan Trainer? Obnoxious? Adorable?

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  • i dont like her at all. but still i just want to say im not gonna check this site anymore, the negativity of the woman writing here is way to much for me. i feel like it grows post by post and she practically hate everything and everyone. oh wait she likes crazy feminist i think

  • Ya I’m tired of girls like her bagging on ” skinny bitches” but are still as airbrushed and fabricated as everyone else. Not a fan

  • God, I can’t stand this chic. Imagine how much people would flip out if we started talking about fat people and how gross they are (not saying fat people are gross so don’t freak out, I’m saying she basically says thin or women who are in shape are)? Everyone would say how mean and irresponsible she is, but since she’s chubby so it’s okay to make fun of people? No. Bitch is annoying and needs to stop.

  • I have to say I am pretty goofy laid back person. It really takes a lot to get under my skin. So when this song came out about “I AIN’T NO SIZE 2!” you better believe in all my ridiculous skinny glory(I cant help it I have tried everything to gain weight I just can’t)I stood up and sang it like I owned it. I have no issues admitting that I am smaller than a size 2. I will also be honest and say that though I have no complaints I do wish I weighed more. What most people don’t realize is that small people struggle with weight issues as well and I am not talking eating disorders. There are some of us out there that would love to be able to put on some weight and we just can’t, I know its like the worst issues a girl could have not being able to gain weight.(sense the sarcasm) but some of us ladies are uncomfortable in our feeling to thin bodies.

    • I’m a size 0. Just be glad that you aren’t fat. These fat bitches ridiculing skinny people are the main ones wishing that they could be skinny but they are doomed. Women die every day to be our size. No one wants to be a fat muffin top cellulite thunder thigh elephant.

      • I think that its completely ignorant to think the way you do about anyone and their size. I was by no means saying one is worse than the other. Just stating that as a smaller person I struggle with being okay with my size. There are many cases when heavier and smaller people alike cannot help being the size they are and to ridicule them is disgusting.

      • I agree with sara. Though I am not a fan of Meghan or the way she looks down on “skinny bitches”, I still think her intentions were more to celebrate people as they are more than putting down a body type. Very poorly executed with some of the lyrics she chose. I’d like to be on one side or the other but the “fat bitches” and the “skinny bitches” open their mouthes and both sides are just kind of mean shaming the other. Tired of reading about the girls that “try everything and damn me, I’m just so little and skinny”whether “fat people have bass” is a matter of opinion. Im a size 5 which is no longer skinny and not ‘fat’ either….but I know size 14 women who can dance circles around me ….People your opinion on body types are kind of off topic here but if it makes you feel better I guess……

      • Well said Anne. Guys that go with fat girls are losers. O yes i work hard at being in shape. It seems the fatties these days are such show offs. lol

  • This Meghan chick is so ugly to me. She can sing but looking at her and listening to what her songs describe, she’s too ugly. I was shocked that such an ugly girl could make a song about faking confidence.

  • I don’t care for her at all but then the skinny girls opened their mouthes on here and decided to hurl verbal diherria on her by calling her fat insults and now this is just a giant douche vs turd sandwich. Do I like her? No. Is she skinny? Is she “too ugly to say such things? No. Is she a knockout? No. The women in these comments demonstrate perfectly what is wrong w media today it’s the wen themselves. They complain about photoshop yet bash someone who’s not perfect. They only give us what they think they like

  • I mean she’s being lazy. MOST MOST MOST MEN do NOT jerk off to fat bitch porn. She can sit here and lie to herself but just because she brags that curves and being fat is pretty, doesn’t make it pretty or healthy. Bet she’s a treat to walk with up any set of stairs.

    • nobody can take this article seriously, because it was obviously written by a moron. “She stopped by Letterman”. Certainly doesn’t look like Letterman. It clearly says Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

  • Meghan Trainor is a fat, gross, cunt with no talent. Every time I see this bitch I think of the fat joke involving flour and finding stinking wet spot to be able to fuck this pig.

  • Talent-less, fat and ugly. Nose like a cartoon buzzard and well on her way to Jabba status with a croaking voice to match. With luck she’ll fall off the planet before she becomes one.