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Mel B says her husband would never hit her

mel b stephen belafonte christmas

There’s been a whole lot of drama going on with Mel B – yes, that’s Melanie Brown from the Spice Girls – lately. It all started earlier this month when Mel didn’t turn up for the first night of The X Factor UK finals as she was severely ill and apparently in hospital. She came back on the final night, but fans were speculating that there was some kind of domestic incident between Mel and her husband Stephen Belafonte since she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring and seemed to have some kind of weird bruising or marks on one side of her face.

Immediately people started losing their shit and even Mel’s estranged mother and sister took to Twitter to express their concern, with Mel’s mother making the most damning accusations about Stephen’s abusive ways and the fact that he apparently threatened her, etc. FYI, the mother and sister are estranged because they didn’t approve of Mel marrying Stephen in the first place.

Throughout all of this, Mel has remained completely silent… until the past few days, when she hit up Instagram to dispel rumours of any kind of domestic issues.

I hope everything is okay and that what she’s saying is true. Domestic violence is no joke, and the most important thing for Mel and her kids is their safety, so hopefully it was all just one big misunderstanding…

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