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Brandi Glanville isn’t a lesbian, but she’s not straight either

brandi glanville

Guys, do you see what happens when you don’t pay enough attention to Brandi Glanville? She gets desperate and feels the need to “announce” her “sexuality” – which, by the way, can probably be simmered down to “vaguely bisexual and/or willing to have sex with women if it makes the man she’s sleeping with happy”. But here, let’s let her use her own words in an interview with Huffington Post Live and on her blog.

First, the blog entry:

As I have said before, I love beautiful women, and Carlton is one of them. However neither one of us are lesbians. I have actually tried to be, but it just didn’t work out for me. I can’t speak to Carlton’s experiences, because I honestly have no idea what they have been. As you can tell, I am easily distracted by lingerie. In fact, I’m quite obsessed with it and all other things sexy and girly. Carlton’s body looks like it is zero percent body fat, and she is fun, playful, and non-judgmental.

Just FYI, she’s referring to Carlton Gebbia, a fellow Bravo star. Now, more on HuffPo:

Glanville, who is quoted as saying that she “tried to be” a lesbian at one point in her life, told host Ricky Camilleri, “I’ve been with women, usually there’s a man involved … I have a couple times been with women where it was just us.”

Noting that she loves “beautiful people,” Glanville then clarified, “I’m not a lesbian and I’m not straight.”

She did say that her love of threesomes had drawn a number of disillusioned male suitors.

“That’s not something that you plan for,” she said. “I feel like it has to be organic.”

Well, that’s… special. You can actually watch video of this nonsense on the source site, but basically all of this is because no one gives a shit about Brandi Glanville and if there’s one way to get yourself some press, it’s to claim you like to sleep with women – only sometimes, though, and only under certain conditions.

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