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Amanda Bynes posted a new selfie on Twitter

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes has been keeping it pretty low key lately (or at least the past few weeks), it seems – at least as far as the media attention goes – and hopefully that’s a sign that she’s doing better. Unfortunately, with mental illness, it’s a life-long struggle that you don’t just wake up one day completely recovered from – it doesn’t work like that. However, now she’s posted a new selfie in which she is looking lucid (and fashionable?) and hopefully it’s a sign that she’s on her meds and doing well.

Here’s the big part of this story, though, for me. US Weekly posted this photo with the caption, “Get it, girl! Amanda Bynes appears healthy, slim in new photo!” Uh… yes, she does appear slim, as she has battled with a severe eating disorder for many years. Who in the hell thinks that’s in good taste? This kind of publicity is exactly what reenforces this disordered behaviour. Like, what?

Anyway, I hope Amanda IS feeling healthier and on the path to a bit more normalcy, to say the least.

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