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Scott Stapp is back on the loose, threatening to ‘roll heads’

scott stapp

Scott Stapp was put on a 5150 hold early last month after he was found fucked up and incoherent on the side of the road. His wife has since petitioned to have him re-sectioned since he’s apparently having paranoid delusions, hearing “phantom voices” and seeing visions of people on fire. Uh… wow.

In any case, while Scott is still free, he’s taken to YouTube to let everyone know that heads are about to start rolling. You hear that, haters? He’s coming for you!

From Gawker:

“Now the process has officially begun and heads are getting ready to start rolling,” says Stapp in one of the videos. “[A]nd individuals who have slandered me and stolen from me and physically threatened me and physically assaulted me are going to start doing their time, getting busted, getting caught.”

In that same clip, Stapp attributes the “evil” he’s faced to a “soul sickness” in America, saying, “We’ve taken God out of everything—we won’t allow kids to pray to Christ or God in our public schools, but we sure will make allowances for Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists to have their freedom of religion.”

WHAT? I love when fundamentalist Christians act like they’re oppressed. Please, take a fucking seat already, dude, and don’t even go there.

In any case, apparently he was later advised that the videos were in poor taste and he decided to release a statement about it on the Creed site:

I’m going to step back and let God control everything from here on. I should have continued to do that before I allowed my hurt, frustration, and emotions take control and post those videos. All I can say is that the truth will set you (me) free, and I’m holding on to Jeremiah 29:11 and Isaiah 44:8. This is a test of faith, and I will NEVER give up or lose my faith. No matter what. This will be my last statement until after justice is served. Love to you all my friends.

Someone please get this guy some professional help.

Here’s the video just for you:

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