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Ariana Grande responds to Bette Midler on Twitter (of course)

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Remember how Bette Midler told Ariana Grande to stop acting like a whore in an attempt to get ahead? Ariana heard about it, obviously, and considering what a diva she is, you’d think she’d throw a tantrum, right? WRONG! Ariana has some common sense, however, as she knows to stay in her place and never challenge the Divine Miss M, and instead she tweeted the following:

ariana grande

I love that this chick still has the nerve to call Bette Midler – several decades her elder – “my love”. How condescending and up your own ass can you be? I get the whole feminism means no slut shaming and all of that, which is fair enough, but Bette telling it like it is doesn’t mean she’s no longer a feminist or that she’s a shadow of her former self because she’s not stripping off as a 68-year-old woman. Get a grip.

Bette is still standing by her original comments, though, and tweeted the following:

Get it, Bette.

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  • Ariana Bette told you to take a seat and you should. And you need to learn to respect your elders they are a lot smarter than you will ever be.

  • It’s one thing to have the choice and power to do what you want. It’s another thing to be able to have self-confidence and sleep at night when you know you’re throwing yourself around to encourage the perverted pedopholic crowd for the sake of…oh wait, yeah, that’s stupid. Bette is trying to be realistic and helpful, not encourage “miss ari” to be blind and do whatever the F her producers want to sell her soul for THEIR sakes. Get a clue Ariana grande, don’t be a burnout/sellout and don’t be something you’re not.

  • well…as several other sites have pointed out, bette’s a huge hypocrite for this because she did the exact same thing in the 70s with her overly sexual shows…so her calling out ariana is like the pot calling the kettle…just because now she’s 68 doesn’t make it right. she was allowed to dress in skimpy outfits and writhe on stage in a mermaid costume but ariana isn’t allowed to do the same 40 years later? smh…

  • Bette forgot to add.. you’re talentless, uninspired, a copycat.. really bad at what you do… as the proof of her act revealed..