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I’m really sick of talking about Bill Cosby, the “alleged” (i.e. guilty as shit) rapist who has been taking advantage of women for decades. However, this counts as “celebrity news”, so here we are. In lieu of doing about 5,000 different posts about the shit this disgusting pig has been up to, we’ll try to condense it in one. Here goes nothing…

First of all, a former NBC employee named Frank Scotti who used to work with Cosby on The Cosby Show says that he helped Cosby get women to his dressing room, stood guard while they were in there and also paid them off afterwards. Here’s some scoop:

When Cosby invited young models into his Brooklyn dressing room, the megastar’s pal stood watch outside the door. When the married Cosby sought a Queens apartment for another pretty face, Scotti arranged the deal.

And when the man behind Fat Albert needed cash disbursed to his flock of single female friends — hey, hey, hey — Scotti became the conduit for payments of up to $2,000 a month.

“He had everybody fooled,” said Scotti in an exclusive interview with the Daily News. “Nobody suspected.”

Scotti came forward last week with his insider’s look at Cosby’s womanizing ways during the magical 1984-92 run of “The Cosby Show.”

“I was suspicious that something was going on,” said Scotti. “I suspected that he was having sex with them because the other person he was sending money to (Thompson) he was definitely having sex with.

“Why else would he be sending money?” Scotti asked. “He was sending these women $2,000 a month. What else could I think?”

WHAAAT. If you think he’s bullshitting, think again – he saved copies of the money orders given to the women and plus, dude is 90 years old now. Why does he need to lie? He said he came forward because he feels bad for the women, and I believe this guy. Head over to the New York Daily News website, where there’s even video of him talking about this more in detail.

The only other Cosby-related story I have for you today, thankfully, is that Lisa Bonet – who famously has NEVER got along with Cosby, hence the reason she was spun off to A Different World – had her Twitter account suspended after she posted a few veiled messages, like the following:

lisa bonet tweet

The account has been active for years and is pretty widely known to be Bonet’s actual account, but her reps denied that the account was real, and now they’re just not commenting on it.

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  • Even though many people enjoyed the character of Heathcliff Huxtable, at the end of day he was a fictional character on a T.V show. It may be hard to distinguish Bill Cosby from the character he played all those years but we have to remember that they are not the same. Hopefully the truth will come out whether it vindicates and clears Bill Cosby’s name or not.