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Robert Pattinson’s Weird Hair: Hell Yes Or God No?


Robert Pattinson, summoner of egos, decided to shave his head. But unlike what James Franco did, which was a straight-up shave off, this dude went about it a little differently, choosing to shave only the back leaving a puzzling little landing strip right on his damn head:


He debuted it at the “the GO GO Gala” in Beverly Hills. He hasn’t explained it, and frankly, I think it needs some explaining. I mean, look at it.

I don’t know which among us is gonna vote for a “hells, yes!” on this look, but hey, more power to you. Personally, I’m saying this one is a HUGE, “God, no.” To quote one Facebook commenter (from PEOPLE’s Facebook page), “The back of his head looks like Hitler’s face.” Some other Facebook commenters chose instead to comment with a funny image, like these:

lol-1 lol-2 lol-3

I think those sum it up quite nicely.

But what do you think? Anyone out there ready to defend the ‘do?

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