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Richard Simmons isn’t doing too well these days

richard simmons

You have to be a pretty miserable person in life not to enjoy Richard Simmons. He’s adorable! He has amazing hair and wears tiny sequined shorts and does jazz hands every day of his life. What’s not to love? He also seems to be a really sweet, genuine guy who actually cares about all the people he meets and works with on a daily basis. However, things aren’t all that cheerful for Richard lately, as apparently he’s suffering from depression as a result of a physical illness he’s been experiencing over the past year. Oh no!

From TMZ:

Various people who are extremely close to Richard tell TMZ … he has gone radio silent with them, he does not accept or return phone calls, and he has his housekeeper turn people away when they come to visit him.

Richard has not shown up at his famed studio, Slimmons in Beverly Hills for months. Simmons was a fixture there, regularly teaching classes. The staff offers no explanation for his prolonged absence.

A source extremely close to Richard — one of the few people with whom he is in contact —  tells TMZ the fitness guru is in a massive state of depression over a bum knee. He says doctors told Richard he needs a left knee replacement and if he doesn’t get one he will never be able to exercise again.

The source says Richard is terrified of the surgery and has put it off all year. He had a right knee replacement 4 years ago and he put off the surgery for nearly a decade … he was that frightened.

We’re told Richard has tried stem cell and red blood platelet therapy — like Kobe Bryant — but it failed.

That’s so sad! However, it could be SO much worse – it could have been cancer or something equally as fatal, but it isn’t. However, I guess since exercise is his love and livelihood, it actually does make a massive difference and I can see why he’d be depressed. We need his happiness, though. Come on, Richard!

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  • They’re saying that they think it’s more serious than knee surgery and he’s not fessing up to the real problem. I am concerned that there is another issue.

  • Good luck, wee happy man. Physical pain can be so mentally debilitating, I feel you jazzy. I hope you bounce back soon, you are a rare ray of sunshine

  • Richard, I hope all is well. Go ahead and let your public know what’s up. We love and support you. You have earned our trust, and our loyalty. Fess up, Richard, what’s up? You’ll feel better if you talk about it. love,

  • please get wel.l I started watching you since 1982 and your music and yelling got me thru depression bi polar thyroid cancer now ms and dibetes so now I want to wish you the best ps I know Al Boscov would want you to feel good . Get other doctors that you like and take care, Love Ann