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Kesha once swore under oath that Dr. Luke never raped her

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Of course people are giving Kesha a hard time now because during a 2011 deposition for a case in which a separate manager was suing both Kesha and Dr. Luke, Kesha swore under oath that Dr. Luke had never raped her or sexually assaulted her. Many people (i.e. Dr Luke & Co) think this is definitive proof that Dr. Luke is innocent against Kesha’s recent allegations and that Kesha is a liar. Nevermind that Kesha has confided in her therapist and several fans for years over the abuse or that she could easily have been coerced into lying on the stand at the time… but whatever.

From TMZ:

The deposition had been sealed … and this morning Dr. Luke’s lawyer went to court asking the judge in his case to unseal the depo and allow it to be used in the current case. We’re told Kesha’s lawyer argued it was NOT fair game but the judge disagreed and unsealed it.

And a statement from Kesha’s lawyer, from Gossip Cop:

“Luke’s latest legal maneuver comes as no surprise; it’s a desperate Hail Mary and a pathetic attempt to once again blame his victim. As detailed in our complaint, Luke walked Kesha down the beach and threatened to destroy Kesha’s life and the lives of her family if she didn’t cover up his sexual assaults in a 2011 deposition. He is now following through on his threats and grasping at straws to try and twist Kesha’s coerced statements. Unfortunately protecting abusers out of fear happens all too often with battered women. This case is about Luke’s physical, emotional and psychological abuse of Kesha and her fight to get him out of her life. After being driven to the brink of death and into rehab, she’s no longer going to allow herself to wither away at the hands of her abuser as he tries to blame the victim.”

This whole thing is such a colossal mess, bigtime. I love how often women are discredited as “liars” when it comes to sexual abuse. Have women lied about such things? Unfortunately, yes. However, more have lied and said things have never happened when they have, whether out of fear, embarrassment or any other number of reasons.

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  • Leading the morning with rape. ..awesome (not awesome). It’s such a gross situation, all that I get out of it is that I’m glad Kesha is out of there and getting help.

  • Kesha is rich and famous why would she feel the need to lie about rape it sure doesn’t help her career. Feel bad for her.

  • Keisha is just trying to get out of contract in nastiest way possible.. by making false claims destroy the dude, she wasn’t molested/raped….
    She’s pathetic

  • Men are more likely to be actually raped than to be falsely accused of committing rape, and yet guess which one is considered bad and which one is considered a joke.