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Shia LaBeouf has found God and it saved his life

shia labeouf

I don’t… really even know where to begin with Shia LaBeouf‘s brand of insanity. He’s another one in desperate need of a 5150 hold, but for some reason, that dubious honour tends to fall on crazy female celebrities more than male. Anyhow, Shia’s totally fine now! He’s back on track and that’s all because he found God while he was shooting Fury with Brad Pitt and co.

From Interview:

“I’ve been a runner my whole life, running from myself. Whether to movies or drinking and drugging or f—ing calamity or whatever it is, I’ve always been running. I’m a dude who loves delusion. It’s why I love being an actor – I never have to actually look at myself or be faced with my s— or take responsibility.”

“I found God doing Fury,” he says. “I became a Christian man, and not in a f—ing bulls— way – in a very real way. I could have just said the prayers that were on the page. But it was a real thing that really saved me. And you can’t identify unless you’re really going through it. It’s a full-blown exchange of heart, a surrender of control.”

I have no problem with whatever faith anyone follows – what you believe and whatever helps get you through the shitty days we can have sometimes is something I’m all for. However, an honest question: why do people in this kinda position – addicts, derelicts, the mentally ill – ALWAYS go God-crazy?

The best thing this guy can do is, you know, leave the spotlight and the industry. Living that kind of life would make a lot of people crazy, but you need enough self-preservation to get yourself out of it to save your own life.

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  • But every time he goes on a talk show to explain why he got arrested (whether it be chasing homeless men, ass grabbing at Cabaret, or shoplifting from Walgreens) it sounds reasonable. No snark. It always ends up sounding like some hijinxs your younger brother gets into.

    • 1) Not coming to Thanksgiving at your house without a gas mask

      2) maybe if that younger brother was appearing on “Intervention”

  • I think this is the least crazy he’s ever sounded, and I don’t think every recovering addict finds God. It’s probably more that if you start feeling like maybe life isn’t totally pointless, then for an addict, that might be enough to get you sober.

    • A lot of recovery programs are 12-step based, which is associated with not necessarily Christian god, but a higher power, so that’s why a lot of recovering addicts get the finding god rap.

  • When I was back there in Seminary school they put forth the proposition you can petition the Lord with prayer. You can petition the Lord with prayer. You can petition the Lord with prayer! YOU CANNOT PETITION THE LORD WITH PRAYER!! (so sayeth a true disciple)

  • Shia LaDouche is truly f**ked. Child star gone f**king and druggin. Oh well, at least he’s running.