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‘Sex and the City 3’ might be happening, says Jennifer Hudson

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In today’s “Why, God, Why?” news, Jennifer Hudson says that we may all be tormented with a THIRD Sex and the City movie. Because the first two weren’t disastrous enough, they might somehow waste a few more million bucks by making another installment. Oh, brother.

From Dish Nation:

“I think it might be [happening],” the Oscar winner said when asked if there will be a ‘Sex and the City 3.’

“Somebody just came to me talking about that. So if it’s in the talks, it might happen. So look for it. ”

“Look for Louise from St. Louis!” Hudson told Dish Nation.

Chatter of ‘Sex and the City 3? has been circulating but all of the stars involved have stayed mum on whether or not it will happen, including Parker who said in June, “We’ve never really had real conversation about it, other than that I know there is a story. I think it’s a really lovely, wonderful story but whether or not we tell it remains to be seen.”

I hope it stays that way – remaining to be seen, never actually being seen. We do not need another movie. These women are ready to settle down, not trying to pretend they’re still hitting up the NYC singles scene. Just no. Enough is enough – and that’s saying something, because I was a big fan of the original series.

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  • I thought the first one was pretty good…the second one, well, Samantha was just SAD when she was oogling the 20 something men in the pool…it was just SAD. Yeah, when you’re in your 50’s living the “single dream”…sad. Unless it is a story about finding the one and making that relationship work…sad.

  • The second one may as well have had Carrie jumping an actual shark; and WHY would they ask Jennifer Hudson anyway??