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Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande ‘SNL’ promos are here!

ariana grande chris pratt

Chris Pratt is hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this weekend, and the musical guest is none other than America’s (least) favourite diva, Ariana Grande. NBC put out promos for the episode yesterday, and needless to say, they are… uncomfortable at best. Ariana has the personality of paint on a wall, and you KNOW homegirl was fuming that SNL dared to film the right side of her face.

I love that even in the still, she’s got her face sorta turned to the left so the camera catches more of that angle. I wish I knew why she was so nuts and what the deal is with the other side of her face. It’s not like she’s got some droopy eye or some shit, so I’m guessing this is pure Hollywood special snowflake insanity.

Chris Pratt will probably be funny, though!

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  • Beet its that she only has a dimple on the one side, she only wants the dimple photographed and filmed to appear more angelic/child like for all the underground hollywood folk wanting that child look. If she was born with two, the otherside would be getting love too.

  • I don’t get the one side either but I am shocked that the paparazzi scum are driving hard to get pics of her “bad side”.