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Kim Kardashian gets naked for GQ’s Woman of the Year cover

kim kardashian GQ

For some reason, it seems someone at GQ decided that Kim Kardashian deserved the title of Woman of the Year. As part of this honour, Kim got the September cover of the magazine, as well as a multi-page spread (so to speak) in the magazine in which she wears zero clothes, shows a little nipple, gets her ass out and basically makes herself seem really, really trashy.

I know this woman has become famous for having sex on camera and in no way do I shame or look down upon sex workers. Do your thing, ladies and gents! No shade here. But Kim’s whole thing of “I’m a mother now, I’m more private, I am a classy businesswoman” is such bullshit when she strips down and poses for photos with ZERO artistic merit. I mean, come on – these shots are pornography. Own up to it, at the very least.

Full photos behind the cut – but I warn you, they are definitely NSFW.

kim kardashian GQ

kim kardashian GQ

kim kardashian GQ

kim kardashian GQ

kim kardashian GQ

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  • Maybe it’s because I’m a teeny tiny bit high or maybe it’s just because I’m in a ‘serious conversation’ mood (probably the high) but I think we have failed as a race. This woman who, is nothing more than a prostitute, is being celebrated only for climbing the fame-ladder one fake buttcheek at a time. But then again I really really do enjoy your articles on all of them. Stupid people make gossip entertaining. Does it ever feel like a dilemma? It’s more of an internal struggle but feel free to answer. I’m gonna continue watchingt the Bold and the Beautiful while thinking I shouldn’t have posted this. But I did.

  • 30 seconds of my life that I lost looking at those stupid pictures that I will NEVER get back. she’s so full of shit.

  • I’m amazed her face doesn’t pop when she does her freaky micro needle blood injections. How much more blown up can this bitch get

  • I wouldn’t call these pics porn. But I would call them extremely blah. As has been said a million times, she’s so fake. And I still have a very hard time understanding how anybody finds her attractive.

  • ha Penny – great comment – completely agree. I wasn’t even going to post until i saw the quote “I am a classy businesswoman” – did she really say that or were you paraphrasing? Cause she is the exact opposite of a classy anything. Dear God how do we make them all go away. just go. Away.

  • Sooner than we think she will start to age and all the work she’s had done and will continue to have done, will turn her into one of those plastic monsters. I personally can’t wait for this vapid fame whore to crash and burn. Who is going to love you when you’re old, ugly and irrelevant, Kim? Kanye won’t be around. Not that he loves you anyway. North? Probably not. It’s hard to feel attached to an absentee mother.
    Poor Kim….

  • DAMM, she looks good. I’d only be “whistling in the canyon” if I got to bone her and then running for STD tests BUT she still looks friggin’ awesome !

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