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Robert Pattinson did the ice bucket challenge with a hose and a metal sauce pan

robert pattinson ice bucket challenge

Robert Pattinson seems to shun all forms of social media – and probably for good reason – so it was up to his unlikely friend Zac Efron to share the video below of Rob doing the ALS ice bucket challenge complete with hose and sauce pan. Keep it classy, Rob:

This is kind of the best celebrity ice bucket challenge yet, simply because it’s so unexpected. He’s so awkward. Also, he “couldn’t find a bucket”? And they’re dumping a pan of ice cubes on him, which are then already on the ground by the time he gets sprayed down with the hose? I don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s cracking me up.

Also, the fact that he nominated Marilyn Manson MADE MY DAY. Please let Marilyn Manson do this shit. For all of our sakes.

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  • I’m so OVER the stupid ice bucket challenge! omg it’s so 2 months ago! by the way…in Los Angeles the Dept of Water and Power is now fining people $500 for doing it (they are finding people via facebook i guess). Yes, we haven’t had serious RAIN in 18 months and people are dumping gallons water over themselves…and before anyone jumps my shit…i KNOW, it’s for Charity…which is great…but how about if you just DONATE.