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Lindsay Lohan and Tina Fey meet again at ‘Mean Girls’ reunion

tina fey lindsay lohan

Somehow, Lindsay Lohan managed to clean up and show off a glimmer of her former, non-drug addled self when she met up with Tina Fey during the recent Mean Girls reunion. She looks so healthy and young and glowy! I’m assuming this pic was Photoshopped to high heavens, but I don’t even care. Get yours, Lindsay.

Lindsay actually posted this photo to her Instagram page a couple of days ago and then deleted it. A lot of people were wondering why, but it seems this was an exclusive to Entertainment Weekly’s upcoming issue, so she probably got told off.

Side note: Anyone think the Mean Girls hysteria is a bit over-the-top? I mean, it was good, yeah, but was it THAT good? I’m not too sure…

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  • Tina looks a little creeped out because she is no doubt thinking jeez I hope she doesn’t steal my purse and gawd Lohan you reek of whiskey, cigarettes, a crack whore and vomit. Lohan is gross pathetic and will of course get a unearned 2nd chance for the 1000th time.