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Don’t fuck with Aretha Franklin’s fast food

aretha franklin

Aretha Franklin is mad as hell at Johnny Rockets, some shitty, overpriced fast food-ish diner chain where she ordered some post-concert food last week. You see, all she wanted to do is sit down in a booth at the Niagra Falls location and chow down on some burgers and fries. The problem is, she ordered her food for take-out, not eat-in.

From TMZ:

Franklin ordered a burger to go from the popular chain after her sold out show Tuesday … then sat down to eat … and that’s when she claims the server went off, saying her conduct violated the take-out policy.

Franklin said the worker was “very rude, unprofessional and nasty.”

Johnny Rockets is contrite … apologizing for the actions of the new employee … adding the server has been spoken to and educated on its takeout policies.

Who the fuck tells Aretha Franklin that she can’t eat a burger any damn place she chooses? If you don’t care that she’s Aretha Franklin, fair enough (but shame on you), but she’s old as shit. Who’s rude to senior citizens? Let Aretha live (and eat)!

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  • I went to an Aretha Franklin concert on the north side of Chicago back in the late 1980’s. She showed up 40 minutes late (on a sweltering night), played for TWENTY MINUTES, then dropped the mike and walked off stage. No explanation, no nothing. House lights went on about 1 minute after she walked off. Her WARM UP BAND played longer than she did.

    If she had been sick, people would have understood. But the explanation her “people” gave after the show was that all we wanted to hear were “her hits” and that’s all she was doing. At $65 a ticket (over 25 years ago), it was a huge rip-off.

  • She called my place of work to find out why we hadn’t sent her what she ordered. She insisted that she wasn’t drunk or on drugs and threatened to sue us. She never ordered anything from us. It was some other website.

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