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Wanna Know How Daniel Radcliffe Lost His Virginity?

daniel radcliffe virginity

Daniel Radcliffe is talking about the loss of his virginity in Elle magazine, and apparently, it was a pleasant experience for the Harry Potter actor. The magazine asked if he would do anything differently about losing his virginity and he replied,

I’m one of the few people who seem to have had a really good first time.

[…] It was with somebody I’d gotten to know well. I’m happy to say I’ve had a lot better sex since then, but it wasn’t as horrendously embarrassing as a lot of other people’s were—like my friend who got drunk and did it with a stranger under a bridge.

The interview also mentioned his previous problems with alcohol, and asked if sex was better drunk or sober. He said,

For some people sex might be better drunk, but for me—and the person I’m doing it with—it’s much better sober.

So file that away if you’re ever planning to have sex with Daniel Radcliffe. And if you’re going to do it, maybe ask him to lose the hair extensions. For me, that’s the dealbreaker.

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