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Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Is Not Pregnant


Rumors were swirling — SWIRLING I TELLS YA — that Bachelorette Andi Dorfman was pregnant after a very sexy night in the fantasy suite. Turns out, she’s not. I’m bummed because I was hoping for all the drama it would bring.

E! interviewed her and she asked, “You lookin at my baby bump or my ring?” but it turns out, she was just joshing. Here’s more, from Hollywood Life:

“I don’t look pregnant?” she asked. She then admitted about the baby buzz, “That’s news to me and my body!” Andi joked that she has, “You know a little morning sickness,” before telling E the fake baby news doesn’t bug her at all!

“It’s funny. Honestly, I joke about it. It’s so far from the truth you gotta laugh. You gotta take it in stride and just laugh at it,” she spilled. “If they were right… I’d be showing by now. To me, it’s funny. It really is!”

Andi then admitted the baby rumors give her a reason to hit the treadmill. “Gym motivation, though. I’ll just stay in shape and they’ll never say I’m pregnant,” she laughed.

Yikes. Well yeah, uh, whatever works?

Who’s watching The Bachelorette this season? IS IT NOT THE MOST BORING SEASON EVER? Discuss. (Okay, maybe this season was more boring,)

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