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‘Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams is not pleased with British Airways

maisie williams

Maisie Williams may in many ways be an adult, what with her high-paying job on Game of Thrones and the forced adulthood of fame in general, but where it counts, she is still very much 17. Case in point: Maisie became indignant with British Airways after she was refused entry to their business class lounge during a recent flight, despite being a business class passenger. The reason? No one under 18 is allowed. Them’s the rules.

Maisie didn’t like this, and took to Twitter to express her rage, saying:

British Airways did respond, again explaining that their rules are that no one under 18 is permitted in the business class lounge, and like any petulant child, Maisie had more to say:

maisie williams tweets

Yo, can this kid calm the hell down? Yes, I do think some 17-year-olds are capable of handling themselves like adults, but rules are fucking rules, and you’re just showing how immature you actually are by going on and on about it – and on Twitter, no less. Give it a rest, you’ve got a year to go. If anything proves just how much of an adult you aren’t, it’s bitching and moaning because you don’t like the rules.

British Airways did point out that the reason for this rule is that they have complimentary self-serve bar service in their business class lounges which are not monitored at all times, and they can’t really have kids getting drunk in their lounges, can they?

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  • The Evil One would like to tell the young lady this: Suck it up you sniveling little snot!! Shut your pie hole and realize that in another year or two you’ll be forgotten….by the age of 21 all your cash will be gone and you’ll be turning tricks like Lilo and you’ll still be a little troll! P.S. and clean up those hay fields over your eyes you little tool.