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Jenny McCarthy went through “400 vibrators” before meeting Donnie Wahlberg

jenny mccarthy donnie wahlberg

Jenny McCarthy is recently engaged to boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg – and also recently fired from The View, but that’s neither here nor there – but things weren’t always going so swimmingly in her life. Relationships were really not her forte before they met, and apparently she was masturbating to the point of burning the motors out of nearly 400 vibrators during her single days. Uh… TMI alert!

From The Howard Stern Show (via E! Online):

“I’ve been searching for the one—as you know, you were even helping me last time I was here trying to figure out people—so I went on a year of not dating, not f–king, doing nothing except being by myself,” the engaged celeb stated.

She continued, “Basically I wanted a year of…I was just by myself.”

However, Stern called her out when it came to being sexual, addressing that she must have at least dedicated some time for a little solo love—and he was right in assuming so. “I went through probably 400 vibrators,” McCarthy, who will be premiering her own SiriusXM show on Wednesday, said, but added, “No men. Its like the same movie, different actors. I realized I had to reset.”

Well, that’s… special. Obviously I know she was attempting to be humourous and that 400 is an extreme exaggeration (here’s hoping), but I just don’t think it’s necessary. I guess it’s good she found a real man instead of a plastic one. Here’s hoping she doesn’t wear his motor out too, “LOL”!

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