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Which Actress Is Ruining A Sequel With Her Drinking?


Blind item time! This one comes from Crazy Days and Nights. It’s about a B-list actress who is currently ruining a movie sequel with her excessive drinking. Here’s the item:

This B list mostly movie actress is filming a sequel to a hit movie and is back drinking and drugging all the time which is making her performance look awful and putting the production over budget dealing with her issues.

I have no idea who it could be but people over there are guessing Carrie Fisher, Brittany SnowAnna Kendrick, and Michelle Rodriguez.

Remember, here are the hints:

  • B-list actress, mostly movies.
  • Working on a sequel to “a hit movie.”
  • Is “back” drinking and drugging.

Guess away! I don’t think it’s Michelle Rodriguez because 1. she just wrapped filming and 2. the director posted a shot of him smiling with his arm around her on his Instagram a few days ago. If she were the item of this blind, I doubt he would have done that.

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