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Is this what Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s child will look like?

ryan gosling eva mendes

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are going to be having a baby soon, and the world is abuzz (yes, seriously) with discussions of what their potential offspring might look like. They’re both good looking people, so will they create good looking kids, or will their hotness sorta cancel one another out and create an absolute minger?

According to forensic artist Joe Mullins, their kid should be okay. Here’s a computer composite of what a boy or girl might look like in a few years:

ryan gosling eva mendes kid

Not bad, right? It kinda just looks like younger versions of both of them rather than combinations. The boy, especially.

Anyhow, how are you all coping with the pregnancy news? I know it’s not all what we wanted or expected, but everything happens for a reason. This must be the way things are meant to be. Deep breaths.

On a serious level, why does everyone shit all over Eva Mendes so much? Like, I know she’s nothing special, but neither is he, so why is it that she “doesn’t deserve him”? This is a legit question – I don’t know much about her at all, so please fill me in.

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  • Lets hope so. You never can tell tho, look at the homely ass Willis girls and they have “beautiful” people for parents!

  • People hate on her because most people are misogynists, whether they know it or not. Looks-wise, only looks-wise, does Jay Z deserve Beyoncé? Does Sean Penn deserve Charlize Theron? Does the Mumford and Sons guys deserve Carey Mulligan? Of course not. But we see them as people and think, hey, Beyoncé/Charlize/Carey must have seen something in him beyond his looks, and we recognise these men are talented. But with Eva Mendes we’re like “ugly whore”, end of, even if she’s been A-list since before they got together. Ugh.

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