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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!


Melissa McCarthy is excited! Are you? See her full outfit in the post!

Welcome back to Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! A MERRY FOURTH OF JULY TO YOU! Here’s last week’s, in case you feel like checking in. This week we’ve got Helena Bonham Carter, so you know it’s gonna be good.

Go through the photos and make your picks for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! Mine are at the bottom.



What do we think of Keira Knightley‘s ensemble? I think she looks like an upside down tissue box. But don’t worry, there’s another look from Ms. Knightley in this post that I think this a lot more fetching. I would have been so chill with this if stopped above the white slip underlay thing.


Alexa Chung. Oh my God, I need that lipstick. I don’t need those shoes.



I have no idea what Cheryl Burke was thinking with this one. This is like Pretty Woman level dressing, before they let her shop in the nice store. Yikes.



Daisy Lowe. I guess the clogs were deemed necessary because it’s outdoors and muddy at the Glastonbury Festival, so I’ll try to avert my eyes, because I think the rest of it is really cute. The belt reads “BAD GIRL” which is a little cheesy, but okay.



Not a fan of this look on Gabrielle Union. I’ve got nothing against thigh-high boots, but you need to pair them with the right pieces, or you look tacky, and I think this is pure tacky. Also looks like she’s trying and failing to channel J.Lo, doesn’t it?



Our queen of WTF fashion, Helena Bonham Carter. I mean, what can you say about her style that hasn’t been said, really? She’s always gonna look like Tim Burton‘s muse, because she is. And that’s just life, everyone.



January Jones. It’s almost too cutesy, almost. She should have just gone for the full ’60s looks and worn flats with this.



I hate this on Jennifer Lopez. It just looks so cheap. Cheap as in, “I bought this from Forever 21.” She misses the mark, and I don’t mean her ex husband.



Since Joan Rivers critiques everyone’s outfits, let’s critique hers, shall we? I really like the necklace, and I like that she’s dressed age appropriate, but I’m not thrilled about the Prince jacket.



Here’s Keira again, and I like this sooooo much better. I adore it, from head to toe, and I really love those toes. Such cute shoes.



Kelly Osbourne. Love the outfit, but just when I was starting to like the hair, she shaved it.



Damn, I think Kerry Washington just about nailed this.



So Kim Kardashian wears crop tops and heels to push around her baby in a stroller in NYC. Okay. Actually though, this is the least offensive look I’m seen from Kim, so I’ll give her some props. Just tiny ones.



Kylie Jenner really likes to think of herself as a goth hippie, doesn’t she?



Lily Allen looks fabulous, but girl, you need some pants. This doesn’t look like a mini dress, this looks like you forgot pants.



Is Lucy Liu‘s dress quirky cute, or just plain ugly? I’m leaning towards ugly.



Here’s Melissa McCarthy‘s full outfit. I hate hate hate the shoes and the netting on the hem. Would have loved it without them.



I love this fiery red disco look on Naomi Campbell, but girl, get some shoes that fit! Those look uncomfortable.



Here’s Natalie Dormer looking Natalie A-DORMABLE.



Nicola Peltz is working three trends: cutouts, see-through, and lace. Is it one trend too many?



Pamela Anderson is back to dressing age appropriate, and I say, thank God.



Rose McGowan. Y’all should know by know how I feel about the crop top trend (hate it) but I love this skirt. This whole look reminds me of something she’d wear from her film Jawbreaker, which is so underrated.



Here’s porn star Sasha Grey in clothes. It’s cute. Sky high heels seem a little awkward with shorts and a tied up sleeveless shirt, but okay. Guess she’s going for that “Pin-up girl goes to the office” look.



I love Susan Sarandon (who doesn’t??) but I don’t love this. I don’t think it’s particularly flattering.



Taylor Swift looks flawless as usual.



And finally, Tallulah Willis is still sporting that green hair.

Time to make your picks! Here’s mine:

BEST: Keira Knightley (the non-tissue box dress)
WTF: Cheryl Burke

Your turn!

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  • I think Kerry Washington and Taylor Swift pretty much nail it, although there were several in there I really liked. Is it me, or is there a LOT of thow-back to tacky, late 90’s fashion lately? Pam Anderson is doing herself no favors with hair that looks like cotton candy, nor is Tallulah with the hair that looks like she spent too much time at the public pool.

    Helena Bonham Carter can never and will never do wrong. She’s so damn weird and amazing. She’s like Gwen Stefani or Tilda Swinton…it would look ridiculous and borderline mental on normal people, but they can pull off whatever they put on.

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