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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West “Need” A Bigger Place


Kim Kardashian was in NYC with her horrible mother looking at apartments. Husband Kanye has a place in SoHo, but apparently it’s not good enough for them. A source told People, “They need a bigger space with private parking.”


Here’s more on the story:

Kardashian checked out a $17.25 million townhouse in Greenwich Village that has six bedrooms, seven baths, a private garden and private parking inside the building, and a $12.99 million penthouse with a 1,500-sq.-ft. terrace complete with private pool, the New York Post reports.

The family, who are currently staying with Kardashian’s mom in L.A. while they renovate the Bel Air mansion they bought in January 2013 for $11 million, joked in April’s Vogue magazine that they would be keeping West’s L.A. home to store Kardashian’s giant wardrobe. “We have a ‘walk in’ house,” West joked.

Kanye, you make it so hard to like you. Kim, I never liked you. I can’t believe these people. How much do they really need, seriously? How much bigger and grander do they have to go? Am I jealous? You’re damn right I’m jealous, I wish I had their money. Why the hell does Kim need all that space? What’s she going to do with a 1,500 sq.-ft. terrace aside from using it as scenery to take more photoshopped pics? Oh, I guess they need a massive apartment so they can throw more stupid parties for their kid.

Yeah, I’m grumpy today.

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  • I’m not defending them at all because they are the worst but… I assume that if Kim’s staying in NYC then the rest of the klan will be there too so they would need a bunch of bedrooms. Plus, rooms for the live in nannys and chefs and whoever because I’m sure there’s a fleet of them. They should have private parking because of the paps (which sure, they often call themselves). It’d be nice for little North to have at least a facade of privacy. Six bedrooms isn’t out of line for the size of their (ridiculous) household.

      • i donate to various groups on a regular basis …i have volunteered at my church…i have collected and handed out blankets to the homeless…i have worked with Big Brothers/Big Sisters…oh yeah, and i don’t make 75 Million Dollars a year…as a matter of fact, i make less than 60K.

      • oh, and before you jump on my earnings…i work in law enforcement….yeah, not really high paying and quite the thankless job.

  • I do not care for either of them (or likely them for me!), but I believe she got LUCKY that he fell in love with her…at least he has some measure of talent. He can keep her in the style in which she has been accustomed.

  • They don’t “need” a bigger place They “want” a bigger place. People don’t “need” most of what they have we are a “want” society. Kim “wanted” a bigger ass tits lips and … Her mum “wanted” to be more famous so she whored Kim out on video.

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