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Would you watch a Chris Brown reality show?

chris brown

I don’t even think my masochist side would allow me to hate watch a Chris Brown reality show, but BET is apparently desperate to secure a deal for a show on the asshole’s life and crimes. Turns out, a lot of people are in the same boat as me in terms of not wanting to have to look at him on their TV screens, but where we differ is that plenty of people in the network’s focus group would tune in just to watch him fuck up, as he obviously would.

From TMZ:

BET is gunning to air a Chris Brown reality show … and they’ve already held focus groups to find out if viewers will flock to their sets or stay away.

Multiple sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … BET has made it clear to several production companies … the network would absolutely air a Chris Brown reality series, chronicling his life after jail.

We’re told several production companies are angling to sign Chris, but so far that hasn’t happened.  If it does, we’re told the show will get on the air.

A focus group was held Tuesday in the San Fernando Valley … asking participants if they’d watch a reality show in which Chris tries to stay on the straight and narrow — free from violence and drugs.

We’re told the group — comprised entirely of African American females — was split, but the majority said they’d watch to see if Chris would screw up.

What do you think – would you watch it?

Would you watch a Chris Brown reality show?
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  • Well Jennifer I think you are gonna get your wish of having CB put behind bars cos if this show happens ppl will be trying to provoke this idiot into a fight. At least that’s what I’d do

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